Aromatherapy candles are renowned for their aromatic perfumes. These candles are widely used for providing psychological, physiological and spiritual well-being. Perhaps, these candles come with a natural aroma that is directly extracted from plants and minerals. Aromatherapy candles are so potent that it can enlighten the area with its fragrance. Meanwhile, Naturalglitiz is a leading perfumed candle producer, and we offer a wide variety of aromatherapy candles. Likewise, all the candles that we sell are produced from natural ingredients.
Aromatherapy candles have been used for a very long time as a part of curative therapy. In fact, these candles have proven in nourishing the body. Some aromas can also lower the blood pressure, and these are more used as a mean to stabilize mood and therefore help you feel good. With aromatherapy, negative emotions can be altered as well as eliminated. The fragrance has proven to cross the barrier reaching the central nervous system. As a result, even a small venture with natural aroma can help trigger a powerful body and mind nourishment.

The Production

Aromatherapy candles need to contain 100% natural ingredient so that the scented oils have lasting effects. Moreover, the aromatherapy oil, also known as essential oils is the result of fragrance extraction from a various substance. In fact, these essential oils have been used since unknown times but are rarely produced nowadays. In contrast, synthetic oils have taken the market for its cheap cost. Customers may feel the ecstasy for sometimes; however, the smell ends abruptly.
Aromatherapy candles use animal wax (beeswax) and plant wax (soy, grapeseed or floral wax). You should also know that human-made wax is of no use when producing aromatherapy wax. Parrafin wax is synthesized from petroleum products; as a result, these products are somewhat toxic. At Naturalglitiz, we process the candle at a low temperature with a high amount of essential oils and get you the best outcome.

Benefits of Using Aromatherapy Candles

Aromatherapy candles are basically used for spiritual and psychological happiness; however, it not a replacement for any medical care. These candles have the aroma and can improve your overall emotional, physiological and spiritual well-being. Perhaps, taking aromatherapy is a holistic approach to keep the body and mind fit.
While most of the perfumed candles help to soothe the mind, reports have shown that aromatherapy candles assist in releasing serotonin and endorphins. However, you need to be specific that the candles are produced from natural products rather than the synthetic ones. Likewise, you will hardly counter natural aromatherapy candles in any cosy gift shop. At Naturalglitz, we directly ship products from our site.

Common Flavours

With over 130 essential oils for aromatherapy candles, customers will hardly get all the types of fragrance. This is because of dwindling fall of natural products and rise in synthetic exposed fragrance. Nevertheless, here are a few of the widely produced flavours
• Lavender
• Bergamot
• Jasmine
• Germanium
• Sandalwood
• Sweet Orange

What to Look When Purchasing Aromatherapy Candle

Follow these aspects in mind to get the best quality aromatherapy candle
• Check whether the label says shows “100% natural ingredients”
• The common name of essential oils should have Latin equivalent
• All coloured candles may not produce aroma
• Don’t forget to check all the ingredients
• Natural aromatherapy candles may be a little expensive

Final Wrap

Selecting an aromatherapy oil can be quite a confusion. However, you can always take the expert’s help in order to get the best choice. In fact, at Natural Glitz Collection, we help customers choose the candle as per their suitability. Although most of the rookie customers have less idea, however, we help them get the right fragrance at the best price.