A candle is worthier being more than just a décor item! There are a lot more things than the attraction that is needed to be considered before purchasing your candle stock. You need to check out the ingredients, the scents, the lasting factor, and much more! Long burning candles are an all-time favorite as it gives a lasting flickering time and is worth every penny! These candles burn down to the base and release a never-fading aroma that fills up your entire premise!
What Goes Into The Making Of Long-Burning Candles?
The quality of the wax and the wick decides the burning time of your candle. The oil and scents that go intoit has to be carefully selected so it is always preferred you buy you your candles from Natural Glitz Collection in the US. We know how important it is to select the right aroma and the correct wax quality so that your candles give you at least 45 hours of burn time. Longer lit time ensuresa longer duration of the aroma scents all day! Natural wax such as soy wax, beeswax or coconut wax is known to be the best pick when it comes to purchasing long burning candles!
How Can I Make My Candles Last Longer?
Apart from purchasing long burning candles, there are certain things you should follow to get a lasting burn period:
Never burn a candle for a few minutes! Give an extended lit time to your long burning candles.
Trim the wick by 3-4 mm everytime you are about to lit it! This gives an uninterrupted bright glow and lesser fumes.
Try placing your candle away from the path of air, wind or a vent! A calm and soothing area is ideal for placing your candle and make it last longer.
A candle will have wax pool upon burning but you should always ensure it is clear of the debris or it will clog the wick. This will prevent the wick from drawing enough scent from the underlying wax resulting in poor diffusion of aroma.
People always neglect to cool the candle completely after use and this should be avoided at all costs. A candle in a container should be cooled for at least 2 hours before reusing it again.
Our Candle Specialty:
Made up of 100% natural Beeswax, Coconut wax and Soy wax!
The high melting point of natural wax gives you a lasting burn of at least 45 hours.
No chemicals or toxic ingredients are present. This is the reason behind lesser fumes.
Comes in various aromas and flavors to choose from according to the mood.
An eco-friendly product that is the need of the hour.
Apart from these, our free shipping (above purchases worth $50) makes it a treat for the buyers who do not need to pay the unnecessary delivery charges. We also offer an easy return of the products with a complete money-back scheme if you receive a damaged or wrong product!