Are you looking up for a memorable and unusual gift for your loved ones? Do you want to gift something that has multipurpose use? Do you have a strict budget and need a gifting item that is affordable? Then why not try out some unique healing crystal candles from our collection! Great home décor stuff along with a pleasing utility aspect, candles can make the most appropriate gifting item for the one you care!

Our Candles Have an Aesthetic and Spiritual Feel.

Lighting a candle is a tradition and not a trend”! It would never go out of fashion, no matter how well that electric illumination works. The calmness and the aesthetic ambience that this flickering flame provides are superior to any light source. Whether it’s meditation or a romantic candle-lit dinner, a healing crystal candle nails the purpose! 

Shop Your Candles From Natural Glitz Collection!

We are the best candle sellers in the U.S. and have a fantastic collection of different kinds of candles. Our healing crystal candlesare designed in such a way that it looks attractive as a decorative product for your interiors, and gives you complete healing and peace when lit. Priced at $32.99 (discounted) these are available in the fragrance range of your choice: Apples and Maple Bourbon, Black Sea, Crème Brulee, Honey Suckle Jazmine, Mango Coconut Milk, Pumpkin Soufflé, and Snickerdoodle! Here are some of the best sellers from our range of healing crystal candle (quantity: 8 oz.):

  1. Black Obsidian Crystal And White Diamond Candle

Repel your negative thoughts and get connected to spirituality with this excellent candle jar! Helps you understand the other person’s feelings; this is the perfect purchase from our collection! 

  • Citrine Crystal Candle

Known as the “Merchant’s Stone”, this citrine crystal candle can bring growth and prosperity! Try this at the onset of your project for a successful and smooth result. 

  • Clear Quartz Crystal Candle

If you are looking for a stone that brings emotional stability, then this is a must-buy from our list! This stone candle aids meditation and is a symbol of purity and harmony! 

  • Purple Amethyst Crystal Diamond Candle

A stone that is believed (Greek Mythology) to help against drinking and toxins, this candle can bring positivity in one’s life and helps incomplete transformation. It promotes better sleep and can absorb negative energy.

  • Rose Quartz Crystal Candle

If you are looking for the cupid in your life, then this Rose Quartz Crystal Candle can be your perfect companion. It eradicates resentment and promotes unconditional love and intimacy. It is a good stone for children as well as elders!

With our free delivery service all over the U.S. (above $50), we make the best online shop offering a great collection of healing crystal candleswithin an affordable range! Return and exchange are conducted smoothly, and quality consistency is guaranteed! Our candles are hand-made with love so that you get that personalized feel and the complete value for your purchase!