Candles are a symbol of calmness and elegance! Even though they are not the primary lighting source, yet we are completely dependent on them for a sensuous feel. Some people find a candlelit evening as the ultimate gateway to relaxation. And what more to ask for if you get wood wick candles by your couch! The flickering flame and the crackling sound gives the other recreational sources a run for their money! The soothing ambiance that a candle creates can relax your nerves and minds!
Kinds Of Candles To Choose From!
When you visit a candle shop in the U.S, you are spoilt for choices! There are aromatic candles, diamond candles, crystal candles, wood wick candles, healing candles, long burning candles to choose from. The more you see and discover, the more you are attracted to them. Among all these varieties, wood wick candles stand out due to the unique sound that it produces while it is lit. Sometimes a peaceful environment with just a slight natural sound is what we all crave! This brings us closer to nature and our inner self!
Wood wick candles from Natural Glitz Collection is the best pick for your home décor due to its making process and composition. Made out of pure organic soy wax, and beeswax, these magical candles are completely safe and natural. The toxic-free fumes that it emits poses no harm to the environment or the consumers. Longer burn hours ensures uninterrupted light and aroma throughout. The wick is made up of organic wood that supports longer burning in an eco-friendly manner. The crackling sound is a sign of true wood wick candles and the one from our online candle shop in New York guarantees the same feel and authenticity.
Hoard Your Candle Stock before This Christmas
Natural Glitz Collection is your perfect destination to pick up some fabulous and classy candles for your home décor. We deliver all over the USA and you can also avail of international shipping from our shop! Our online candle shop can be explored to satisfy the shopper inside you.
Our Money Back Scheme
Our unique “Money Back Policy” makes us stand out from the other candle shops in New York. If you receive a wrong or damaged product, you are free to return it within 30 days from the purchase date and can claim a refund. The claim needs to be supported by sufficient photo evidence.
Delivery and Shipping Charges
No delivery charge are levied on orders above $50. International shipping can also be availed of from our candle shop in the U.S (shipping charges vary according to the weight of the parcel).
The Most Trusted Candle Shop in the U.S!
Our candles are absolutely safe for domestic use as they are completely natural. So if you are in search of some organic wood wick candles that will last long and fill your evening with aromatic touch visit our website and take your pick.