Aroma and Fragrances have a psychological effect on our mind and more than the soothing factor, it imparts a healing touch! You may have come across aromas in various forms be it perfume sprays, flower decorations, candles, air diffusers, and a lot more! Out of all of these, essential oils candles are a popular choice among people. This is mainly due to two reasons- (1) The aesthetic ambiance a candle provides, and (2) the light aromatherapy that it induces when lit. An aromatherapy candle had never been a mandatory shopping-list item before, but the recent evolution of organic candles with a hint of essential oil has made it a staple for many households!

Different Flavours of Aromatherapy Candles Available

You are spoilt for choices when you explore the numerous options available for essential oil candles at Natural Glitz Collection. Our store has some exotic collection of pure soy candles in different aromas that can offer you a nerve-calming effect. The slow diffusion of these scents drives out the negative energy and has a cooltingling sensation on the person’s mind. Moreover, the spa culture has made these essential oil candles more popular than ever.

Our scented candles come in different varieties of diamond candles, healing candles, long-burning candles, wood-wick candles in flavours ranging from, Apple and Maple Bourbon, Black Sea, CremeBrulee, Honey Suckle Jasmine, Mango Coconut Milk, Pumpkin Soufflé, Snickerdoodle and many more! The natural beeswax that is used by us enhances the aroma and gives it a long-lasting lingering existence. We strictly adhere to using pure essential oil in our candles that have rich therapeutic properties. Essential Oil Candles are known to reduce stress and anxiety to a great extent and it also gives relief from many other serious disorders like headaches, blood pressure, pain, inflammation, etc.

Some Essential Oils Commonly Used In Candles

Orange Oil

If you are suffering from a sleep disorder then this citrus flavour is sure to give you a good snoring. Who doesn’t vouch for a citrus aroma that wipes off bad-odour from our homes?

Lemon Oil

Feel empowered and refreshed with the dash of a lemon in the surrounding with lemon essential oil candles.

Lavender Oil

Lavender is the commonly used fragrance in room fresheners for the sole reason that it creates a soothing atmosphere with its sweet alleviating fragrance.

Rosemary Oil

Need better concentration and dedication? Turn to Rosemary oil candles!

Peppermint Oil

An excellent refreshing oil to help you get rid of migraine and headache.

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Try our essential oil candles with a difference and you will surely fell in love with them. We offer you free doorstep delivery above orders worth $50. Our candle range includes pure aromatherapy candles made out of 100% natural ingredients that are known to produce 90% less soot. These candles are long-lasting and provide hours of uninterrupted glow. We also offer simple return and exchange policies if you accidentally receive a damaged product. Your money is safe with Natural Glitz and you get what you are promised!