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What Are Soy Candles?

Soyabean oil is a natural plant derivative and the wax obtained from it (soy wax) is used to make soy candles. These soy candles are pure and organic and burn much cleaner than those toxic paraffin candles. This accounts for its popularity as it is known to produce 90% less soot than regular synthetic candles. The fumes are non-poisonous and so inhaling it would not lead to any dangerous health concern. What is even more appealing about these candles is that they come in several flavors and aromas to charge up any mood sequence and helps in natural therapy process.

Why Is It Preferred?

Fewer fumes mean less soot and little carbon release. A soy candle reduces pollution and smoke and does not ruin the interior of your premises. The freshly painted walls of the houses are not stained by black carbon deposition if you convert from regular paraffin candles to these soy candles online. Here are the reasons that make them a perfect buy:

  • Vegan Choice– If you are a vegan and need everything plant-derived in your life then these soy candles online from Natural Glitz Collection are appropriate for you.
  • No Paraffin– The natural soy wax has no artificial or synthetic material and the composition is 100% natural.
  • Less Soot and Smoke– A soy candle is perfect for your domestic use with less harmful emissions. Do not fear any adverse health effects when using our organic soy candles.
  • Long-Lasting– Soy Wax is known to last longer than normal wax and this gives you a lasting candlelit delight.
  • Easier To Clean-Up– Spilled soy wax is easier to clean as the soft wax is much convenient to pick compared to those hardened paraffin wax.
  • Less-Heat Produced– The low temperature produced is perfect for a date night and you can have a wonderful mealtime.

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