Perfumes and fragrances are liked by everyone. An invigorating fresh smell can relieve you of stress and depression. Aromatherapy is known to create a positive psychological impact and bring about spiritual well-being. This is the reason that spas and salons widely use aromatherapy to lure their clients. You can bring home this natural power in the form of an aromatherapy candle. The best candle shop in the U.S. offers you varieties of aromatherapy candles that are completely safe and home-made. At Natural Glitz Collection, you get healing candles, natural organic candles, aromatherapy candles, diamond candles and lots more!

What Makes Aromatherapy Candles A Perfect Choice?

Are you a victim of depression or negative emotions? Do youfind it difficult to feel good and happy? The curative properties of our candles can give you a nerve-calming effect and you experience low blood pressure and mental peace. The invigorating aroma and the impactful smell fill your entire premise and it drives out the negative energy and brings in positivity. This mental nourishment helps you with an enhanced concentration power and you can become more productive and creative with your work. An aromatherapy candle is an ultimate reliever for you in any situation!

Our Candles and the Ingredients:

When you buy from ouronline candle shop, be relieved of any harmful chemicals and toxic contents. We at Natural Glitz Collection assure you of 100% natural ingredients and our candle wax is made out of soywax and beeswax. Unlike paraffin candles, our products are completely safe to use releases no toxic fumes or dark smoke. We use high-quality essential oils in our candles. The cheaper synthetic oils may be a less-expensive alternative but we believe in offering quality over anything else. The fragrance sources in our candles are the natural essential oils that excel in superior aroma and long-lasting effects. Our candles are made at low temperatures that help us to retain the exact aroma of the oils utilized so that you get the optimum effect when using our range of aromatherapy candles.

Aromas/Flavours That We Offer:

You can choose from a varietyof different aroma according to your mood and the occasion. Check out our online shop for the following flavours:

  • Jasmine
  • Sweet orange
  • Sandalwood
  • Lavender
  • Germanium
  • Lavender

We constantly upgrade our stock with newer flavours and aromas! So keep checking out for more!

Our Specialty:

When buying candles online, people often fail to select the right shop and end up buying products that are unsuitable or chemical-laden! Here are some of the factors that make purchasing from our online candle shop worthy and appropriate:

  • We Deal In 100% Natural Products
  • All Our Candles Are Homemade
  • We Use Quality Ingredients Sourced From Quality Brands
  • The Ingredients and The Flavours Are Mentioned on the Label For The Customer’s Perusal.
  • You Get Free Shipping Facility Over Orders Worth $50

In Case Of A Wrong Product Or A Damaged Candle, You Can Ask Us For A Replacement Or Return.