Are you missing those happy camping days with those crackling earthy fireplaces? Well, then let us bring-in the happy news that you can get the same feel and atmosphere with wood wicks candles from our online shop. These candles have wicks made of wood (hence the name), and this gives an earthy aroma and soothing crackling sound as it burns. Being made out of organic wax, it causes no harmful fumes and burns longer than other standard candles. They are safe and hygienic to use.
Wood Wicks Candles- Good toUse!
Wood wicks candles are much popular for domestic use, and the demand is increasing by each passing day. What counts for its huge fan following is the invigorating crackling sound that it produces. The wooden wick burns and gives out a natural aroma along with a sparkling effect. This soothes the mind and relaxes the home atmosphere.
Benefits of Using Wood Wicks Candles
With numerous advantages and add-ons, these candles are the most loved home décor accessory for many reasons:
Lasts Long
If you are looking for long-burning candles, then wood wick candles are your best pick. It lasts longer than the regular candles (almost three times longer).
These candles are made out of natural ingredients and are known to cause no toxic effect. It is safe to use and cause no-health hazards. (Basic precautions need to be followed)
Made Out Of Soy Wax
Soy Wax is an entirely natural derivative, and as compared to that paraffin wax, it causes no smoky fumes to irritate the eyes and lungs.
The sweet aroma released by wood wicks candles fill the entire home and creates a never-dying impression.
Creates Lovely Charm
If you want to take the ambiance of your home a notch higher, then these magical candles are your perfect friend.
Unique Sparkling Effect
What is special about these candles is that they create a sparkling and crackling sound just like a natural fireplace. This enhances the overall feel!
The candles are quite reasonable, and the longevity and the qualities cover-up for the price paid. It is low on pocket and high on the utility quotient.

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